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The time draws near for tbe big event, Bike New York in May, 2002. We are getting ready after training worldwide for the BNY event and especially on the Henry Hudson River Drive along the Palisades. dodging the wild turkeys, deer and swooping eagles.

Bike New York 2001

Tzvee, Barak, Becky, Miriam and Steve

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Becky, Miriam

Steve, Miriam




Tzvee, Barak








Team Tzvee Starts at 95th and Broadway at 8 AM, May 5. Be there!

  The Team
Miriam returns to Team Tzvee for her second year, having gotten to know the whole Tzvee clan much better during the past year. Like last year, Miriam is still working on that Master's from Bank Street, but she now devotes herself full-time to teaching sixth grade at the Learning Community Charter School. She spends most of her free time thinking about innovative ways to teach fractions to rowdy preteens, trying not to fall asleep on the PATH train, and downing mass quantities of sweet potato soup from Josh's Place. Miriam may seem sweet and poised compared to many of her sixth graders, but this true biking pro could show her students a thing or two about doing wheelies on the mean streets of Jersey City.

The 2002 ride marks Jr.'s fourth anniversary as a Bike New York participant. Having given up his plush consulting job and free car, Barak is now dependent solely on his biking wheels for transportation. Since last year's ride, this tech whiz has returned to his roots at Columbia University, where he works on the computing system and takes classes toward his master's in statistics (which he will use to measure the benefits of two-wheeled vs. four-wheeled travel). Barak now spends his days watching 'Lord of the Rings' on extremely poor-quality bootleg DVD, avoiding getting his hair cut, impersonating Chuck Garrett, and stalking Julia Stiles in the Butler computer lab. He can be found training for this year's ride in the Princeton House gym, spinning while screening old episodes of the "Real World," hoping to catch a glimpse of the great Dr. Schach.

Becky is thrilled to return to Team Tzvee for her third Bike New York, having mastered biking the streets of Coney Island, Staten Island, and Princeton since last year's ride. Still toiling away for, she spends her days selecting pithy quotes of Buddhist wisdom, interviewing her favorite folk musicians, and pondering what life will be like on the unemployment line. Becky has become Team Tzvee's resident tour guide, and plans to spend much of the ride's 43 miles pointing out interesting New York sites. Becky has taken a too-long hiatus from biking recently, becoming reliant on her feet instead of her wheels for exercise. She can be spotted most weekday mornings running up and down Riverside Drive, and on occasional evenings hula-hooping in various city parks.

After spending the past year running races and downhill and cross-country skiing, Steve is happy to return to two wheels for his second Bike New York. Once again, he receives the honorable "Farthest Distance Traveled Award," given out each year to the Team Tzvee member who travels the greatest distance to participate in the ride. Team Tzvee relies on Steve, official Team Doctor, to fix any injuries that may occur on the ride, including sprained ankles, broken arms, and gastrointestinal disorders from eating too many Peak bars at the rest stops. Rumor has it that Steve is thinking about changing the spelling of his name to Zteve (an anagram of Tzvee) to demonstrate his true dedication to the team.

"Our Rabbi," professor, father...there are infinite ways to describe this fearless Team Tzvee patriarch and Bike New York allstar. He is often spotted riding through the back roads of Teaneck, New Jersey, where he must be especially careful not to mow down the hordes of Orthodox pedestrians who gather on the streets to stare in awe as he whizzes by. Now gearing up for his fourth annual Bike New York, Tzvee is also the proud owner of more web domain names than Yahoo and Microsoft combined. Rumor has it that he may soon quit his day job to take on full-time Team Tzvee webmaster responsibilities. He is looking forward to showing off his new Fuji Ace road bike for this year's ride.

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